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What is Rotto Token

Rotto Token

In Rotto token we know that marketing and community are main treat to success.
We will go crazy with our treats…


We are glad to have you here, for Rotto, the most important thing is the community, and for this reason, we will strive every day to reach every corner we can in the crypto space. Rotto believes that memes are a very important part of the crypto world. Rotto will be presented as a new decentralized token with the idea of dominating and will be recognized throughout the crypto network. He knows how important it is to grow and creating utility as we grow. Listings is a priority, all the exchanges are important to us and our community.

With attractive tokenomics, it is clear that marketing is essential, and Rotto will not hesitated to create great marketing content.

But this is not all, Rotto will have a collection of NFT with surprises for the owners, it will explore the metaverse and it's growing communities. We are already working on other several surprises, but it is still early to tell you everything, don't you think?

Enjoy our excellent community, you are an important piece in our ecosystem.




Rotto Country Club

What is RCC?

Rotto Country Club is a collection of 10,000 Rottweilers NFTs. Unique digital collectibles that live on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Rotto acts as your Country Club membership card and grants access to exclusive benefits for all members.

The Platinum RottoPass are a series of 555 ultra-exclusive passes within the Rotto Country Club, which will grant gifts and premium access to new developments for all its holders.


Platinum RottoPass:

Each Platinum RottoPass owner has access to:
  • 1 Free Mint to Rotto Country Club NFT Collection.
  • Whitelist to Rotto Country Club NFT Collection with 25% discount
    (Max 2 NFT).
  • Alpha Group Access.
  • Discount in Merch. 
  • Limited NFTs Airdrops to RottoPass Holders, Long term exclusive perks & more.


Mental Health

At Rottoken we are very sensitive to one of the main current issues that concern our society. No matter what country of origin, nationality or race you are, surely you have heard about the subject and know someone that has needed help. Fortunately, in recent years the term mental health has been normalized, it is much more present in our conversations and is treated much more naturally. Could this be that mental health is not only related to the emotional development of the individual.  In our day to day, we suffer situations that can alter our well-being.

It is for all this that at Rottoken we are committed to helping organizations that provide mental health service and we will be making regular donations so they can continue to provide services to those who need it more.

Our first partner in this regard is Peace Mountain Ranch, an organization that helps veterans with mental help conditions and civilian with disabilities. This will be just the first organization; we will be working hard to identify other organizations across the board and will be closing agreements periodically and we will be doing everything we can to help those in need.

stay in touch


We are a solid project with a promising future and will be supported by the most active crypto communities.

Yes, we will also undergo audits for the peace of mind of our community and transparency.

3% reflections in Stable coin BUSD – 3% marketing – 3% buy back – 1% Liquidity

Yes we will, we will reduce the Supply accordantly to development plan.

They are incredible works of art designed to add value to their owners, granting exclusive access to special events and leaving a positive mark by helping to make the world a better place.

You will be part of our exclusive club of NFT holders, only on discord, where you will have access to members of the community and exclusive tools that will allow you to get up close to the trends of NFTs.

Have your treats, contribute to the community, and defend ROTTO as we will do for you.

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